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Can you help Corsham Sponsors Refugees?

Russell Watkins:DFID Nemer and his family fled from Syria in 2015. They are now in the Azraq refugee camp, Jordan.jpg

Azraq Syrian refugee camp, Jordan

Photo:  Russell Watkins/DFID


As we develop our resettlement plan we will need help and support from as many people in the community as possible.

We think the whole process will take up to a year, so some people may not be needed for some time, but we would love to have your contact details to call on you when needed.

Of course if you have close contact with the family, you will have to undergo some checks - these will be vulnerable people.

We have already identified the need for:

  • Arabic speakers, to work closely with the family
  • Trained TSOL teachers to give English lessons
  • Volunteers who would enjoy informal conversations with the family
  • People with experience and knowledge of Job Centres, the Benefits system and the education system
  • Experience of Safeguarding Policies - we will have to write one
  • People with experience of working with Refugees
  • Help to sort out the garden, when we finally get the house
  • Someone who would enjoy making a video record of the whole process, and the welcoming of the family into Corsham (not for public use)
  • Digital and electrical skills to help install equipment - TVs, computers maybe, white goods etc.
  • People who just want to make the family feel welcome, and depending on the ages and interests of the family to introduce them to Corsham, our clubs, societies, sports facilities, where and how to shop etc.

There are so many more things the family will need, that we haven't even started to think about them yet!

If you can help in any of these ways, or have ideas for other things we will need, please get in touch with us, using the Contact Form on this website.